Romanian Forum for Migrans and Refugees

  ARCA Romanian Forum for Refugees and Migrants is a Romanian non-governmental, non-political and non-denominational organization, with a humanitarian character, established in 1998.

What we do

What Service can ARCA Provide

Cultural Integration

We try to facilitate the integration of migrants and refugees into society during their stay in Romania


We offer free courses for refugees, we believe that education is very beneficial for long-term integration


Social Support

ARCA provides material support because we understand that it is difficult to be a refugee

Vocational Counseling

We offer vocational counseling and mediate dialogue with potential employers of refugees


Arca offers support for refugees so that they can solve their legal problems


Psychological counseling

We offer free psychological counseling for refugees, both for minors and for adults

Arca supporter of the project of integration of countries nationals since 2009

If you are a citizen of a third country and have came to Romania to work, to study, family reunification, for business purposes or other purposes, this information guide is for you – its main purpose is to guide you during the first interaction with the Romanian society.

This material was made by ARCA-Romanian Forum for Refugees and Migrants (ARCA-FRRM) together with the Organization Development Association – SAH ROM (ADO SAH ROM) and Soros Foundation Romania, non-governmental organizations that promote, each with its own instruments, respect of human rights in a free, responsible and diverse society.

The publication is dedicated primarily to citizens coming from countries outside Europe, foreigners whose legal status is different in many aspects of the European Union citizens or European Economic Area.

The information guide’s objective is to improve your knowledge about the rights, obligations and opportunities of integration as a foreigner staying in Romania, facilitating your active participation in economic, social and cultural life of the host country. By the information regarding rights and obligations, powers of public institutions and social protection system in Romania, complaint resolution, forms of association, employment market, employment services, we hope to help improve your chances to effectively exercise these rights, to prevent and combat social exclusion and discrimination at work, to increase mobility and to indicate ways of active participation in community life where you are. Also, with this Guide we want to help develop a relationship based on trust and mutual responsibility, in the hope that Romania will become a space where you can feel at home.


Promoting the interests of refugees

ARCA cares about refugees and migrants

Arca promotes the image of refugees and migrants. Being involved in this issue since 1998, we understand the hardships of refugees and migrants. That is why we want to direct the attention of public opinion to the needs of those who are alone among foreigners. We consider that offering attention and help to a refugee is a gesture of minimum humanity.

Our Beneficiaries

Always involved in activities

We know that it is not easy to integrate among foreigners, even less if you are a refugee.
That's why we always try to involve our beneficiaries in activities. Regardless of whether we are talking about cultural, social or educational activities.
We believe that it is important to be close to them, this is the only way they will understand that they are not alone on this new road.

Need Any Helps?

Call on the ARCA for help

We say it again, you don't have to be ashamed or afraid to ask for our help. Just because you had to flee your home country doesn't mean you don't have the right to humane living conditions. We are at your disposal and will try to help you as much as we can. Arca believes in refugees and migrants.

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