It is important to have a job, but it is essential to obtain the right to work in Romania for the job to be legal

Only by working with legal forms can you be protected from the employer’s abuses

right to work in romania

Are you in Romania as a third country national looking for a job? 

In the following, we, Arca, will try to guide you in order to obtain* the right to work legally in Romania.

*We cannot guarantee you the right to work and implicitly the right to stay. However, we believe that it is essential for you to have the information you need to save yourself from unnecessary trips in relation to the authorities.

Chronology of obtaining the right to work


Arrival in Romania

  In order to obtain the right to work legally in Romania, it is important to go through a series of steps.
  The institution you must contact immediately after arriving in Romania is the IGI (General Immigration Inspectorate). It should be noted that this is a government institution, part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
  In the relationship with the officers of this institution, you must prove a serious collaboration, the inspectors of this institution are the ones who decide whether or not you can obtain the right of residence in Romania.

We recommend that you get information about the legal provisions regarding obtaining the right of residence directly from the General Inspectorate for Immigration.

Right to work in Romania

   The Ministry of Labor and Social Solidarity is the government body in charge of labor in Romania. Therefore, if you want to obtain the right to work in Romania, you will have to interact either directly or indirectly (through the employer) with this institution

We recommend that you get information about obtaining the right to work in Romania only from official sources (such as the MLSS website). We leave you a link where you will find useful information. We know that there are very high chances that you do not speak Romanian, but the link to the page in Romanian provides access to more information. You can use google translate to understand the information more easily.

Long Term Residence in Romania

   As we told you before, the IGI (General Inspectorate for Immigration) is the institution that deals with the legality of staying on the territory of Romania.
   Obtaining the right of residence for a long period can be more complicated to obtain. However, we leave you a link where you can get the information that can help you.

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